• Joe Durso


Updated: Oct 20, 2019

THAT THEY MIGHT KNOW IS A Christian PODCAST devoted to Biblical truth.

THAT THEY MIGHT KNOW features Joe Durso, loving husband, father, and grandfather, disciple-maker, author, founder of Teens Under Fire, a drug awareness program.

The main thrust of THAT THEY MIGHT KNOW is true Christianity. Jesus Christ, by His teaching, the life He lived, the death He died, and the resurrection He obtained turned the world on its head. I intend to teach and converse with others in particular about how knowing Jesus intimately changes how we look at religion, church, fellowship, and what really matters in life. I hope you'll listen in and write to us.

THAT THEY MIGHT KNOW will also include a series of episodes concentrating on the content of the book THE JESUS YOU NEED TO KNOW. What makes another book about Jesus unique? It's all about the vantage point. When God wrote an account of His son's earthly ministry, He inspired four of them - Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John. The four Gospels contain much of the same subject matter. The way the material is arranged and what facts are included gives additional meaning to the life and ministry of Jesus Christ. So it is with commentaries and preachers, they all speak about the same person, but they all do it just a little different.

I hope you will listen and be blessed in the listening.