• Joe Durso


Updated: Jun 15, 2019

Jesus is not just another face in the crowd. He alone is the radiance of God's glory and the exact representation of His nature.

In numerous ways, chapter one is a summary of the entire book THE JESUS YOU NEED TO KNOW; it is a view of Jesus Christ from 50,000 feet. It answers such questions as, why should the Bible be believed, why should we believe that Jesus saves, and why have so many people been murdered because of their faith in Jesus Christ?

The all-important question that chapter one answers is what makes Jesus different from all other men? The plan of God for the ages was disclosed through Jesus Christ. Not bad for a man that was born in a barn, a carpenter's son, without degrees, position, power, or money.

Jesus proclaimed God's would like no other. Furthermore, He like no other fulfilled to perfection God's transcendent position for men in time and eternity. His life, death, and resurrection accomplished for men what we all could not achieve by ourselves.

John the Apostle wrote that Jesus performed many signs so that people might believe that He was the Christ (Savior), and through believing they might have life. The word he used for sign might be rendered "that by which a person or thing is distinguished from others and is known."

Jesus did not perform miracles so that we might focus on them, but so that we might focus on Him. Tens of thousands of people who believe and proclaim the saving message of Christ have lost their lives for His namesake. He said this would happen because the world mostly hates Him.

The world hates Jesus because He is good and we are not. The essential difference between Jesus and ourselves is He loves God, and we do not. The reason some people love God is because of Jesus, and apart from Him, no one will love God (Romans 8:5-8)

Do you believe in Jesus, or do you believe in yourselves? Upon this faith, you will either experience perfect and eternal life and joy, or else you will suffer horrible and endless pain. If you have not believed in Him, please, please choose Jesus Christ.